This section provides the most recent news published online on river dolphins. Articles published in this list do not necessarily reflect the views of SARDPAN members. 

Bangladesh dolphins get Sundarbans sanctuaries
Posted by BBC October 31 2011

Two blind dolphins were found dead in the River Indus
Posted by Tribune on June 2011

 China‘s lingering drought threatens aquatic animals: expert
Posted by People’s Daily Online on June 2011

Yangtze River Dolphin Population to Decrease by 80 pct in 30 Yrs: Experts
Posted by on June 2011

China‘s Drought Threatens River Dolphins
Posted by on May 2011

Study attempts to save endangered river dolphins in Brahmaputra
Posted by The Times of India on May 2011

20 Million Years and a Farewell
Posted by the New York Times on December 2006

Pink dolphins bounce back from 2010 Amazon drought
Posted on May 5 2011

Fishermen in Amazon See a Rival in Dolphins
Posted by the New York Times on April 16 2011

Indigenous vs. Endangered: When Native People Prey on Fragile Species
Posted by on April 2011

 The rosy river dolphins who’ll eat out of your hand
Posted by The Daily Mail on March 2011

Are high CO2 levels once again saving theAmazon Forest?
Posted by National Post May 08 2011

Ganges river dolphins in distress
Posted by Geetanjali Krishna in Business Standards on May 07 2011

Nicola Davies publishes children’s book and plans to travel to see the pink river dolphins
Posted by WalesOnline on May 6 2011

Pink dolphins bounce back from 2010 Amazon drought
Posted by BBC news on May 5 2011

Saving the Seas: Smarter Hooks and Nets
Posted by Popsci on May 2 2011

Impacts of hydropower dams on the Mekong
Posted by VOANews on April 28 2011

Many character states shared by river dolphins evolved in their oceanic ancestors, contradicting the hypothesis that these characters are convergent adaptations to fluvial habitats
Posted by 7th space on April 25 2011

Up the Amazon with a paddle
Posted by Irish Times on April 23 2011

Students highlight environmental challenges: Threat to Blind Indus Dolphin theme requesting people not to lock them away
Posted by The News International on April 25 2011

Amazon’s dolphins harpooned for bait
Posted by News Scotsman on April 24 2011

China’s aquatic biodiversity in danger
Posted by TruthDrive on April 6 2011

Death of seven Indus blind dolphins sparks alarm
Posted on March 7 2011

Blind Indus dolphin survey concludes in Sindh
Posted by April 22 2011

 A survey revealed that the population of the endangered blind Indus dolphins has increased by 108 in the last five years
Posted by the Tribune on April 6 2011

 Task force for conservation of the endangered Gangetic river dolphins
Posted on April 21 2011

Endangered Dolphins
Posted by the Dawn on April 2011

 Pink dolphins play nice
Posted on March 31 2011

Ganges river dolphins stranded
Posted on March 31 2011

Unos 20 delfines rosados murieron envenenados aparentemente por pescadores furtivos en una laguna de Bazagán, en Loreto
Posted by El Comercio, Peru on May 2010

India plans to aid dwindling Ganges River dolphin
Posted by on March 8 2011
The Indian government has announced that it plans to develop a program to raise the population of its native Ganges river dolphin (Platanista gangetica gangetica), a subspecies of the South Asian river dolphin.

Night Life and Beaches in Brazil, for Less Than the Cost of Rio
Posted by New York Times (blog) posted on March 8 2011
We negotiated a four-hour trip for 100 reais, for which our guide, Valdeson, took us to a few beaches, into the flooded jungle and finally, at sunset, to a spot that attracts river dolphins.

A Nine-Day Caravan Through The Amazon! 900 Miles Through Bolivia
Posted by ATV Rider Magazine on February 2011. By Mike Calabro
ATV Rider Then I proceeded to fantasize about playing with pink Amazon river dolphins. Yes. There are pink dolphins living in some of the freshwater rivers in the Amazon Basin in the district of Beni. Not a little pink, but pink pink.

Friend of the Sea launches botos dolphin protection project in the Amazon River
Posted by World and Fishing aquaculture on February 24 2011
In this process, Prestes de Souza also verifies that botos – Amazon River Dolphins – are not killed for bait by local fishermen supplying Friend of the Sea certified products.

AGP asks Centre to halt construction
Posted by Assam Tribune on February 23 2011
New Delhi
The dam site is an importantbiodiversity spot. The project is great threat to river dolphin population.

Scientists work hard to avoid declaring a species extinct
Posted by the Washington Post on February 21 2011
Consider the case of the Yangtze River dolphin, a long-beaked, nearly blind cetacean also known as the baiji,that inhabited about 1000 linear miles of a single river in southeast China.

Training program with emphasis in aquatic mammals (Brazil)
Ampa ofecere vaga para estagiário e trainees
Posted on January 2011

In Brazil, the dolphin gray victim of the myth of love
Au Brésil, le dauphin gris victime du mythe de l’amour
Posted by Green et Vert in February 2011

Nature’s Strangest Seduction techniques revealed
Posted by The Telegraph February 2011

Updating the top 100 weirdest and most imperiled mammals
Posted by Jeremy Hance January 2011

Call for fishing to be banned in reserve area: After the discovery of five dead dolphins in Pakistan last month, WWF has hosted a meeting to work out an action plan to help prevent further deaths.
Posted by Wildlife Extra on February 2011

Captivity and river dolphins – Two river dolphins, Arthemis and Ulises, died in less than two months in the Valencia Aquarium (Spain)
Posted by María E. Rodríguez / Redacción Analítica February 9 2010

Venezuela: Where pink dolphins frolic and piranha tastes great grilled
Posted by ROBIN ESROCK on  February. 02, 2011

Old Men River: 6 of the Best Journeys Down Stream
Posted 19 January 2011
Travel Reportage

6 rare dolphins found dead on river bank in Pakistan; authorities suspect poison
Posted by The Associated Press (CP) – Jan 31, 2011
Breaking News

Environmental challenges endangering Blind Indus Dolphin
Posted by Noor Aftab January 20, 2011

Tackle the Amazonian rainforest in Peru
Posted by Roderick Eime – escape – on  January 26, 2011

Population, density estimates and conservation of river dolphins (Iniaand Sotalia) in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins
Visual surveys were conducted in selected large rivers of Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins.This study is part of an on-going effort to evaluate and monitor river dolphin populations in South America. For more information about the surveys conducted please click here.


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