List of Freshwater Protected Areas (FWPAs) in South America for the conservation of river dolphins. This is an on-going effort so please feel free to provide any input about this list. For more information outside this webpage click here. The SARDPAN poster can be downloaded here.

Protected Areas by The Action Plan for River Dolphins in South America

Amazon Basin, Bolivia
Inia boliviensis

Isiboro Sécure National Park and Indigenous Territory
15°30′S 65°6′W
13722 Km2
Created in 1965
Includes rivers Mamore, Desaguadero and Beni

9. Noel Kempff Mercado National Park
15˚05’S, 60˚14’W
15234 Km2with 3660 Km2buffer
Created in 1979
Includes Rivers Itnez o Guapore

Iténez Departmental Park and Natural Area of Integrated Management
14°13’22″S, 60°48’58″W
13890 Km2
Created in 2003
River Itenez o Guapore

Bruno Racua Departmental Wildlife Reserve
9°51’25″S, 65°26’6″W
740.54 Km2
Created in 2005
Rio Madre de Dios

Municipal Protected Area Ibare-Mamore, proposed

Beni Biological Station Biosphere Reserve
14’ 30’ S, 66’ 38’ W
1350 Km2
Created in 1982
Rio Beni, Rio Mamore

Amazon Basin, Brazil
Inia geoffrensis, Sotalia fluviatilis

Piratuba Lake Biological Reserve
01º10’– 01º50’N, 49º34’ – 50º34’W
3570 Km2
Created in 1980
Rio Araguari
Reserva Biológica do Lago Piratuba

Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve
2º22’28”S, 65º53’38”W
11240 Km2
Rivers Solimoes, Jurua, Japura
web: http://www.mamiraua.org.br; www.amazonia.org.br

Amanã Sustainable Development Reserve
2º14’36”S, 64º11’50”W
23130 Km2
Created in 1998
Rio Japura, Rio Solimoes

Piagaçu-Purus Sustainable Development Reserve
4º 05’S, 61º 73 W
6505 Km2
Created in 2003
River Purus
Wildlife Conservation Society Brazil – WCS Brazil

Jau National Park
1º40′ – 3ºS, 61º26′ – 64º00’W
22720 Km2
Created in 1980
Rio Unini, Negro

Amazonia National Park (also known as Tapajos)
3° 50′ N, 57° 32′ W
10000 Km2
Created in 1973
Rio Tapajos
http://www.wec.ufl.edu/faculty/BranchL/research/Branch%20papers/Primates83.pdf, http://www.jusbrasil.com.br/legislacao/109723/decreto-73683-74

Juami-Japura Ecological Station
1°39’S, 68°03’W
5276.5 Km2
Created in 1985
Rio Japura and Iça

Anavilhanas National Park
2º36’S, 60º50’W
3500 Km2
Created in 1981
Rio Negro

Amazon Basin, Colombia
Inia geoffrensis, Sotalia fluviatilis

Lake Complex of Tarapoto and El Correo PA, proposed
03º48-03˚46’S, 70º27’-70º22’W
7 Km2
Rio Loreto-Yacu and Amazonas

Puré River National Park
1°57’21″S, 70°5’41″W
Created in 2002
9999 Km2
Rio Putumayo and Caqueta

Amacayacu National Natural Park
03°29″S 70°12″O
Created in 1975
2935 Km2
Rio Amazonas and Putumayo

Cahuinarí National Natural Park
5750 Km2
Rio Caqueta and Putumayo
Dr. Fabián Navarrete

National Natural Park La Paya
5° 10′ N, 74° 46′ W
Created in 1984
4220 Km2
Rio Caqueta and Putumayo

Amazon Basin, Ecuador
Inia geoffrensis, Sotalia fluviatilis

Cuyabeno Faunistic Reserve
0°7°S 75°49°W
6550 Km2
Rio Cuyabeno
Created in 1979
Victor Utreras Bucheli, Buenos Aires 12-38 y Panama, Quito – Ecuador; email: aquatic@hoy.net

Yasuní Biosphere Reserve and National Park
0°26’–1°40’S, 77°30’–75°25’W
Created in 1979
16820 Km2
Rio Napo, Coca, Aguarico
Victor Utreras Bucheli, Buenos Aires 12-38 y Panama, Quito – Ecuador; email: aquatic@hoy.net

Amazon Basin, Peru
Inia geoffrensis, Sotalia fluviatilis

Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve
5°12’S, 74°40’W
Created in 1972
21508 Km2
Rio Maranon, Amazon, Ucayali, Huallaga
Birgit Winning, Oceanic Society Expeditions, email: winning@oceanic-society.org

Caballo Cocha Lake PA, proposed
03º48–03˚46’S, 70º27’
8 Km2
Rio Amazonas

Güeppí Reserved Zone
00° 42′ S – 75° 56′ W
Created in 1997
6259 Km2
Rio Putumayo, Napo, Aguarico

Pucacuro Reserved Zone
2°23’N – 75° 18’W
6379 Km2
Created in 2005
Rio Tigre

Santiago-Comaina Reserved Zone
3°47’S -77° 55’W
8632 Km2
Created in 1999
Rio Maranon, Santiago, Nangaritza, Zamora

Allpahuayo Mishana National Reserve
3° 55’S -73° 35′ W
Created in 1990
580 Km2
Rio Amazon

Orinoco Basin, Colombia
Inia geoffrensis

Confluence River Meta and Orinoco, proposed
Rio Orinoco and Meta

El Tuparro National Park
5480 Km2
Created in 1970
Rio Tomo, Orinoco, Meta

Orinoco Basin, Venezuela
Inia geoffrensis, Sotalia spp.

Arrau Turtle Wildlife Refuge
6°25’49″N, 67°9’45″W
174 Km2
Created in 1989
Rio Orinoco

Santos Luzardo National Park
6°47’56″N, 67°39’66″W
5844 Km2
Rio Orinoco and Meta
Created in 1988

Orinoco Delta Biosphere Reserve (Includes Orinoco Delta National Park)
9°25’N, 61°30’W
4750 Km2
Created in 1992
Rio Grande, Orinoco and Barima

Ciudad Bolívar in the narrowness of the Orinoco River, proposed
Created in 2003

Caño-Guaritico Wildlife Refuge
7°50’22″N, 69°20’8″W
93 Km2
Rio Apure
Created in 1989
T. M. Caranto and AJ Gonzalez-Fernandez, Universidad de los Llanos ‘Ezequiel Zamora’ (UNELLEZ), Postgrado en Manejo de Fauna Silvestre y Acuatica, Guanare 3310

ParimaTapirapecó National Park
02°30’N, 64°39’W
34200 Km2
Created in 1991
Rio Negro

Yapacana National Park
03°49’N, 66°46’W
3200 Km2
Rio Ventuari and Guaviare
Created in 1978 http://www.inparques.gob.ve/index.php?parques=view&codigo=pn_0022&sec=1

Aguaro-Guariquito National Park
8°19′48″N, 66°37′58.2″W
5690 Km2
Created in 1974
Rio Orinoco and Apure

National Monument Cerro Autana*
4° 52’ N, 67° 27’W
0.3 Km2
Created in 1978
Rio Ventuari
Inia geoffrensis is only seen during rainy season

Turuépano National Park
10°30’N, 62°45’W
726 Km2
Created in 1991
Rio de San Juan and Seco http://www.inparques.gob.ve/index.php?parques=view&codigo=pn_0036&sec=1

Delta Orinoco, Venezuela
Sotalia guianensis

Peninsula de Paria National Park
10°43’N, 61°52’W
375 Km2
Rio Orinoco
Created in 1978
Bisbal, F.J., A.A. Ospino, P.A. Bermúdez, S. Bermúdez, R.A. Rivero y A. Ferrer. 1994. Inventario Preliminar de la Fauna Silvestre del Parque Nacional Península de Paria, Estado Sucre, Venezuela. PROF

Maracaibo Lake, Venezuela
Sotalia guianensis

Ciénagas de Juan Manuel National Park
9°30′N, 72°00’W
2694 Km2
Created in 1991
Rio Bravo

Coast, French Guiana
Sotalia guianensis
Dolphins possibly move from the coast upriver during rainy season

Amana National Nature Reserve
148 Km2
Created in1998
La Rivière de Mana
Maroni River

Ile du Grand-Connétable National Nature Reserve
Rio Kaw, Approuague and Kourouai
Created in 1992

Estuaries and Coast, Suriname
Sotalia guianensis
Four multiple use management areas (MUMAs) and adjacent nature reserves
Green Heritage Fund Suriname, info@greenfund.sr.org

This information was compiled by (in alphabetical order):

Alison Wood
Arnaldo Ferrer
Catalina Gómez-Salazar
Chloe Ready
Enzo Aliaga-Rossel
Erich Hoyt
Fernando Trujillo
Jaime Bolaños
Marcela Portocarrero-Aya
María Victoria-Rodríguez
Monique Pool
Tamara McGuire
Víctor Utreras

Last updated: February 8 2011


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